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Mission Statement

Healing Arts Education Foundation, a 501c3 Federally registered corp, the instigator of The Prostate Cancer Initiative is the leading organization helping men understand prostate cancer and how to reverse it without surgery, drugs or radiation. The Foundation is firmly committed to:

  • educating men and their significant others about natural therapies for prostate cancer that work.

  • helping men make educated and informed decisions about avoiding unwanted and unnecessary “side effects” from conventional prostate cancer treatments.

  • helping men who have undergone conventional prostate cancer treatments and now suffer from unwanted and often debilitating “side effects”, understand their disease better and how natural therapies can help them in their current condition.

  • helping men who have undergone conventional prostate cancer treatments and whose cancer has returned, understand the current state of their disease and how they can positively affect their quality of life through natural means.

  • continue to research the causes and natural treatments that can positively affect the outcome of the disease.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Natural and holistic treatment options
  2. How to avoid surgery, drugs & radiation
  3. Why you shouldn’t have a biopsy
  4. How diet and lifestyle affect prostate cancer
  5. What are your options for diagnosis
  6. Conventional treatments and potential problems
  7. Restoring health: the value of a functional blood analysis
  8. How toxins affect our health
  9. Balancing your hormones
  10. How emotional trauma impacts health
  11. Whether food elements and supplements matter

The Author

Peter Starr, author, award-winning filmmaker and Medical Director of the Healing Arts Foundation,

was one of the millions of men world-wide diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. What’s notable is his diagnosis came 15 years ago – and he opted out of traditional treatments: surgery, radiation, and drugs! After learning he had the disease, he set about learning everything he could about traditional treatments AND explored alternative methods to defeating his prostate cancer — a disease that kills 28,000 men in the USA every year! Peter wanted to share what he learned, so he produced and directed a documentary film called Surviving Prostate Cancer without Surgery, Drugs or Radiation, which was frequently broadcast on PBS stations. His new up-to-date book Prostate Cancer: Why We Get It, What To Do About it presents the very latest developments in treating prostate cancer and lays out a compelling case for avoiding traditional treatments. 


Publication Information

ISBN: 978-0-578-51784-1
Paperback: 223 pages

Published: First Ed. December 15, 2019;
Available in: Paperback & eBook

Edition: First Edition
Publisher: Healing Arts Education Foundation

A 3-Disc DVD Set is also available:

Surviving Prostate Cancer

without Surgery, Drugs or Radiation

Peter Starr’s original documentary on surviving prostate cancer — which was broadcast on numerous PBS stations — is also available as a 3-Disc DVD collection.

3-DVD Collection

Interviews with 56 doctors and health professionals share the truth about natural healing and prostate cancer.

40-Page Resource Guide

Includes a 40-page resource guide to help guide and inform crucial decisions about your disease.

Special Multimedia Bundle

The discs and reference guide can be combined with rewards on the upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Get all of them!